Benefits and Usecases

Hybrid and remote collaboration is here to stay! and for modern challenges, you need modern Solutions. Nomadz is a central Hub to your workspace. Don't invest in Real Estate or Virtual reality Headsets. we provide you with the same immersion anywhere on Any platform. 

Gain in Performance by facilitating coordination.


Build Trust Since Onboarding


Remote work doesn't have to be isolating! We're all tired of reading endless screens of chats and formal meetings. The zoom fatigue is real and it's easy to feel disconnected from the Company vision and the people behind it.

Nomadz brings back serendipity and genuine connections. You'll soon feel part of a lively community and dynamic offices where people interact without boundaries.

You’re starting a new opportunity remotely? we promise you won't get lost! Be surrounded by your colleagues and departments, go through thematic training rooms, and learn organically by shadowing your teammate. Embrace the culture one step at a time!


Your time is wasted typing messages and waiting for replies. It’s easy to miss notifications or have requests linger for days. go ahead!  walk your avatar and talk it out. Coordinate together in real-time through fluid meetings and spontaneous ideas. and gain the agility of an Esport Team.

if you're nomadic and work across multiple time zones, you surely find it challenging to collaborate effectively between regions.

bring your teams together across the globe now. our spaces are always open and the perfect place for Handover or sync between shifts.

Collaborating Across Borders


Extend your reach


it's usually a challenge to access new markets due to linguistic differences. imagine that you have eliminated the language barrier and you can speak with the whole world!

A distant Talent, a customer, or maybe a supplier? Invite them to your virtual space and our AI be your translator.

We use an advanced deep learning model to instantly translate each one of your words.

Now you can recruit professionals from across the globe regardless of their language proficiency, Give an edge to your sales team, and make your customer service representatives Multilingual.


Show more than your name and status, Be seen and heard with a click, and Never wonder if it's a good moment to engage someone. You can tell from a glance where are your colleagues, And what's their activity. we remove the guessing game and protect your privacy at all times.

be engaged in immersive meetings and let your avatar be your face. turn on your subtitles and mute your voice for an extra layer of protection for your identity. all conversations,  messages, and videos are ephemeral and not stored anywhere.

Be yourself at any moment!

Better Visibility and privacy


Get ready to reshape the working World!