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The  First Enterprise Metaverse For True Collaboration

Be free, interactive, and productive by joining the world of Nomadz
Foster cooperation at work! from team collaboration to learning and development.

Reflect your corporate culture with all the advantages this brings in terms of

communication, trust, and authentic connection.

Nomadz offers you the opportunity to interact in a virtual world like no other.

From Anywhere and any Device!

Wherever you may roam Take your office with you


Create your best Self

Take your avatar with you on the road

Be the best yourself from your phone. meet your colleagues and talk, collaborate and hold your meetings in an immersive way without a camera.

Join the revolution!

A 3D avatar that represents you in real-life detail with the click of a button. Having the ability to move through one or more offices, the avatar represents your bodily and emotional embodiment in the metaverse world.

Capture d’écran 2022-09-11 à 10.38.59.png

Make your smart office a reality

Join your colleagues from the comfort of your home!

Live the experience of the virtual office and break all geographical barriers; today you no longer need to invest thousands to have a place that can bring together all the stakeholders at work; With Nomadz, the office comes to you and not the other way around; join your team anytime and anywhere in the world of Metaverse while ensuring sensory-identical real-world communication

Screenshot 2022-09-11 040241.png
Capture d’écran 2022-09-11 à 11.17.08.png

Become multilingual

Say goodbye to the language barrier!

From now on, you could communicate in your mother tongue and even your dialect and in the blink of an eye your messages will be automatically translated. You could instantly choose the language that will guarantee the correct transmission of your message.

Nomadz will revolutionize training and skill development. Indeed, it will reduce the time needed to develop and acquire new skills.

And much more in terms of  Exchange

Join Now

Join our Coworking Space

Are you starting alone or with a small team? Join our free shared spaces where you will have the chance to exchange with professionals from all over the world. whether during meetings or breaks where all users are likely to meet.

Rent Your Own Office

 A wide range of choices are available to you in order to choose your office in terms of architecture, decoration and Meeting spaces that can accommodate from 2 to 70+ people to reflect your company's values.

Broaden your Perspectives

Enjoy the 4K Experience with your colleagues like never before.

Pick up on the road where you left off your work. keep your office in your pocket with a click away from your teams.

Applicable on all types of platforms (PC / Mac / Android / lOS)

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